My name is Rachel Anne Warren, and I am a writer, professional singer, and traditional wig maker.

Writing: I have published about 40 features, profiles, cover stories, and personal essays in The New York Times, O Magazine, Catapult, VICE, Bustle, Greatist, Baltimore City Paper, STYLE Weekly, and The Billfold. One cover story won first place for Virginia Press Association. I have been featured on Stoop Storytelling, Fiction Is First, and RISK! podcasts with original stories.

When I was 19 years old, I ran away to join a circus. I wrote about that year, and now am seeking representation for The Circus, my complete 87,000-word debut, coming-of-age memoir that rejoices in the anti-fairy tale. WIP include long form literary personal essays, a semi-sitcom, a novel, and another memoir.

Outside of writing: I like taking pretty pictures, making wigs the old fashioned way, and singing. For most of my living, I sing with a wedding band and as part of an indie lounge act, and I teach singing and public speaking. Creative work is thrilling, tedious, and rewarding.

Thanks for popping by!